How to Make a Quick $100

How many of us could use a quick and easy $100 to get us through the rest of the month? As we get closer to the holidays every penny is going to start counting. I personally cannot think of anybody who couldn’t use a little extra money to help with bills, expenses or even family fun. The issue that most people have is knowing how to get it. To that end I did some research and found 10 ways that you can make $100 easily. While I’m sure there are dozens of more ways you could bring in some extra money, these are the 10 that I found to be the easiest to do and the least time consuming.

Sell Your Extra Stuff Online

We all have clutter around our home. Since getting married and having a child this has only gotten worse for my wife and me. My attic and closets are full of things that I will probably never use ranging from clothes, to appliances, to toys that my kid will probably never touch again. For me and everyone else, these things represent an untapped source of income. It is easier than ever to sell items using a multitude of online platforms. Popular platforms today are Amazon and Craigslist. However, it is now even possible to sell your stuff through Facebook’s new tool called Facebook Marketplace. My wife and I have used the marketplace several times to buy furniture and gym equipment, and have found it very easy to use. If you have stuff lying around your home that you wouldn’t miss, take 5 minutes to put up an ad online. Odds are that someone wants what you have and is willing to pay at least something for it.

Donate Blood or Plasma

This is a favorite for college students, and my own brother has used it to make some extra spending money for his weekends. Clinics are typically willing to pay around $20 per session for donations, so it will only take a few donations over time to get to $100. However, depending on the clinic you go to and how often you want to donate you can actually make much more. It also feels great to know that you’re helping people who are in need at the same time!

Become a Tutor

While I was in community college I quickly found myself in need of some additional funds outside of the part time job I was already working. After a couple semesters of getting good grades one of my professors suggested that I sign up to work at the tutor center. I did so and ended up coming across a very lucrative way to make extra money. I would tutor my fellow students in subjects that I had aced and only had to offer my services in the subjects that I wanted to. I liked this a lot because it was not very difficult and I made my own hours.

Even if you’re not in school anymore tutoring can still be a great way to make some extra cash. Chances are you live near a community college or four-year university. There is also no shortage of parents out there looking for someone to help their kids achieve top grades in school. If you have a little extra time you should consider putting yourself out there as a tutor for a subject that you are strong in! A decent tutor can make anywhere from $10-20 dollars per hour, so only a handful of sessions can get you to that $100 goal.

Sign up for a Credit Card

Getting a new credit card is a great way to make some extra money. Many credit cards offer a sign up bonus, especially if you spend a certain amount of money using the card during a specified time frame. I took a random look at Bank of America’s credit cards and immediately saw their Cash Rewards Card, which offers $150 if you spend $500 in your first 90 days as a cardholder. Sign up bonuses such as these are very common and can be very lucrative. You can also get a credit card that offers cash back to continue making money off your spending. I wouldn’t recommend getting a credit card for no other reason than the sign up bonus, but instead use it as a part of your larger income-building strategy. In this article I write about how credit cards are a great way to not only make passive income but build your credit.

Sell Your Skills Online

The internet has given us many ways to use our personal skills and abilities to make money online. If you are good at writing, art, web design, or anything else that takes a specific skill set, then you could be using that to bring in some extra income. Many people who are into arts and crafts have turned to Etsy to sell their homemade products. Another great platform is Fiverr, which lets people make money from all kinds of freelance services like web design, writing and graphic illustration. The reality is that no matter how average you think you are at any of these tasks, there is someone out there in the world who is worse and will pay you to do it for them. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make money doing the stuff you love!

Become an Uber Driver

Uber is a ride-sharing service that basically lets you become a freelance cab driver. While I have never been an Uber driver myself, my friends who have done it love to talk about how much money they make driving people to places in their local area. There is definitely money to be made in ride-sharing if you aren’t squeamish about having strangers in your vehicle with you.

Deliver Groceries

In my article about saving time and money on grocery shopping I talk about great food delivery services like Instacart, which will deliver groceries straight to your door. What I did not realize what that Instacart shoppers are not actually employees of the stores that sell the food, but are actually just freelancers who sign up to make deliveries. Depending on what service you are working for will determine if you make money from a base pay or solely from tips. If you have a few hours to spare then this is a great way to rake in some of that extra cash!

Become a Babysitter

Speaking as a new parent, I can tell you that there is no shortage out there of people looking for childcare. This can range from providing home daycare services to watching a child while the parents are out on a date. A great resource for people seeking to provide babysitting services is, which is a great website that many people I know use to find high quality babysitters for their kids. Babysitting can be a great way to make money, with you making $10+ an hour to watch someone’s kids. You can easily make that $100 you’re looking for in as little as 1-2 jobs!

Work Overtime

If your job offers overtime then this is also something you can take advantage of to make some extra money. When the holiday season comes around and I’m saving up for Christmas gifts or upcoming travel expenses I’ll try to work as little as an extra hour a week. The money will add up very fast and you will probably come up with $100 pretty quickly. If you don’t feel like spreading out the extra hours over a long period of time like I do then see if you can work an extra shift to reach your money goal in one sitting!

Reduce Your Expenses

This is the way to get an extra $100 without having to do any extra work or devote any extra time, all it requires is a little self-control. It is not that hard to find $100 out of your regular monthly budget if you’re willing to make some cuts to your own spending on a temporary basis. You will likely find the money by making a short-term cut to your groceries, eating out or fun budget. What’s critical here is that you have yourself on a written budget so that you can decide what to sacrifice and then track your spending to make sure you stick to the plan. If you don’t have yourself on a budget yet then you should join our Budget Challenge. You will be emailed a free Excel spreadsheet that you can use to place yourself on a personal budget.

Those are 10 quick and easy ways to make an extra $100. Do you know any quick ways to make money that weren’t mentioned above? If so, please tell us about it in a comment below!

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